Photo by: Terry Shank Photographs, Sarasota, Florida
In 2000, Rubin created a large-scale commissioned sculpture for Media General’s new headquarters in Richmond, VA.  The setting for the bronze was the large rotunda on the second floor, surrounded by executive offices requiring 360-degree visibility.

Creating this bronze required concentration on the divides at interesting intervals that would give the individual bronze segments a sense of movement as they surge against and interlock with each other as if nature had created a unified rhythm of stoic balance with an inner life.

In his sculptures, Rubin creates compositions that temporarily control the eye of the observer.  This creates a pause for the viewer to contemplate the relationship of each part to the whole and how the combination of those parts reveals the essence of the piece.

This 300-lb bronze, cast in his winter studio in Sarasota, FL,

will be included in an auction of the entire

Media General collection on Monday, May 15

with a preview on Thursday May 11th from 4 pm to 9 pm 

at Media General Building,

333 East Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23219.

Wax Model

Also, in the collection to be auctioned

is a 5 ft. x 6 ft. oil painting, titled

“Wild Indians on the Beach #2”.

Unlike his sculptures, which are solid and rooted, the paintings are more ethereal.  Instead of pieces or parts pulling or pressing together as a concise unit, the forms in his painted works push apart creating a sense of flight.