About the Artist

Making a statement through art has been a lifelong pursuit for Rubin Peacock. A native of North Carolina, Peacock received his B.S. and B.F.A. degrees from the University of Georgia, going on to the Peace Corps for two years and then continuing his education at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he received his Masters of Fine Art degree. Today, Rubin is truly a dedicated working artist, having made a commitment to producing sculptures for over fifty years.


The ability to communicate with oneself seems to be of high priority to Rubin Peacock. He is a sculptor intent on creating images in bronze that transcend the tentative or temporary of our time and show qualities of endurance.

The cast bronze sculptures of Rubin Peacock seem to emerge from a timeless appreciation of form, unity, tension, and mysticism.  The works stand solidly, unshakable in their concentration of energy and purity of craftsmanship. 

Emerging from centuries of sculptural tradition in bronze, they are totems very much of today. They pry into the idioms of the 20th century, yet retain the influence and sincerity of the European past, they merge the architectonic rigidity of geometrical shapes with an organic strength and flowing force of nature.



The strength and power expressed in Rubin’s sculpture have not gone unnoticed in the world of business and fine art. 

Rubin is fortunate to have his work in many corporate collections, such as the E.R. Carpenter Co., Inc., Corporate Headquarters Richmond, VA; Trammel-Crow Corp., the Arboretum Business Park, Richmond VA; Trans-Am Corp America’s Gateway Park, Miami, FL; Wheat Securities, Richmond VA; and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond VA. 

Besides corporate commissions, Peacock’s sculptures can be found in the collections of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, the University of Richmond, the Valentine Museum, the University of Virginia, the Danville Museum of Fine Arts, and the Cary Hill Sculpture Garden in Charles City, VA. 

The many private collections that include a Peacock bronze are too numerous to list. 

“Although our three Peacock sculptures are quite small in scale, they seem to occupy a surprising amount of space, for despite their compact dimensions, despite their material density, despite their inanimate form, they are somehow ‘antic,’ possessed by an almost biomorphic energy. They remind us of the planet itself: solid, yet simultaneously fluid; cohesive, yet suggestive of the infinite.”

Tom Robbins, author