“Fantasy Stele”

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Sculpture Garden

Installed 2016, the first work in the garden
by a Virginia artist.



Produced through the Lost Wax Casting Process


Featured in museum, corporate and private collections, Rubin Peacock’s bronze sculptures are unique creations cast in his own foundry and hand-finished by him. These works emerge from a timeless appreciation of form, unity, tension and mysticism.  They stand solidly, unshakable in their concentration of energy and purity of craftsmanship.  Emerging from centuries of sculptural tradition in bronze, they are totems very much of today. They pry into the idioms of our time, yet retain the influence and sincerity of their European past.  These sculptures merge the architectonic rigidity of geometrical shapes with an organic strength and flowing force of nature.

Enjoy Slow Art

Did you know the average museum-goer spends only 7 seconds with a work of art? Join Jennie Dotts in doing the opposite on Sunday, Aug 13th, 1pm for "Slow Art"-- extended conversation, analysis and enjoyment of Rubin Peacock's "Untitled Totem" in the Sculpture Garden...

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Fantasy Figures

Many who enjoy art have a habit of categorizing by style:  Is the work realistic, abstract, figurative, and so on.  However, some artists, like Rubin, have personal styles that combine or defy categories. Take, for instance, the highly individualized style of his...

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Strapped Bronzes

Strapped Bronzes In this series of strapped bronzes--some with combinations of carved stone--the artist modifies the traditional use of bronze while suggesting an uncharacteristic, possibly ritualistic, relationship between these two natural elements. The underlying...

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