Many who enjoy art have a habit of categorizing by style:  Is the work realistic, abstract, figurative, and so on.  However, some artists, like Rubin, have personal styles that combine or defy categories.

Take, for instance, the highly individualized style of his fantasy figurative bronzes. For decades, he’s created them from a combination of imagination and observation, with an arbitrary reference to real anatomical forms.
Each fantasy figure is an expression of freedom; each reveals a strong emotional content. But that content–like those physical features- -may not easily relate to any known field of reference.  These characters and this series of bronzes are in a world of their own.

In the artist’s collection

Antic Spirit, 1975

He Went That’a  Way, 1991

Street Corner Figure, 2011

Zeno, 2016

Pamunkey Fisherman, 2009

Street Corner Figure II, 2010

The Messenger, 2012

The Prophet, 1976

Tripping South, 2006