Fantasy Figures

Many who enjoy art have a habit of categorizing by style:  Is the work realistic, abstract, figurative, and so on.  However, some artists, like Rubin, have personal styles that combine or defy categories.

Take, for instance, the highly individualized style of his fantasy figurative bronzes. For decades, he’s created them from a combination of imagination and observation, with an arbitrary reference to real anatomical forms.
Each fantasy figure is an expression of freedom; each reveals a strong emotional content. But that content–like those physical features- -may not easily relate to any known field of reference.  These characters and this series of bronzes are in a world of their own.

In the artist’s collection

Antic Spirit, 1975

He Went That’a  Way, 1991

Street Corner Figure, 2011

Zeno, 2016

Pamunkey Fisherman, 2009

Street Corner Figure II, 2010

The Messenger, 2012

The Prophet, 1976

Tripping South, 2006

Strapped Bronzes

Strapped Bronzes

In this series of strapped bronzes–some with combinations of carved stone–the artist modifies the traditional use of bronze while suggesting an uncharacteristic, possibly ritualistic, relationship between these two natural elements.

The underlying characteristic of Rubin’s bronzes is the visual importance of controlling tension and stability.  His goal is to incite an appreciation for inventiveness and vision in the pursuit of personal enjoyment.

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Strapped Bronze, 2014

Obleah Man, 1980

Strapped Cube, 2012

Bull Fish, 2012

Seamstress, 2015

Strapped Cube, 2014

Inside Faces

Created in 2015, Rubin’s series of bronze faces is an exercise in expression through composition and deliberate surface distortion.  These faces seem to be searching for the undercurrent, a sense of character, mystery and wit. The real beneath the apparent. With them, facial recognition is about the hidden, not the obvious.
In the treatment of these faces is a sense of shock. Emotions are exposed, humanity stripped.  Are they a series of disguises?
Part nature, part artistically gestured features, these faces unlock an inner life carefully guarded by the upheaval of their surfaces.

Available  in the Rubin Peacock Studio

Next Door Neighbor

Count on Me

Befuddled Soul

Three Dimensional Paintings

During the early 1980’s, when space-age casting material became available to artists, Rubin ventured into a new area of creative expression.While he has long specialized in bronze sculpture, Rubin began using high–fired aluminum silica products and colloidal binders to create basic sculpture forms rtnxnqa.
After firing these pieces up to 2,000 degrees and allowing them to cool, he applied several coats of thick industrial lacquer colors to complement the shapes of the sculptures. They represent yet another extension of his work as a painter and sculptor.

Full of color and animation, these painted sculptures are challenging to describe. Yet, they require only solitary efforts on the part of the viewer to find enjoyment in the work.

Available  in the Rubin Peacock Studio

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Fantasy Reliefs

Rubin’s bronze relief tablets evolved over decades of drawing, painting and applying surface textures to his bronze sculptures in a personalized form of calligraphy. His paintings and bronzes have always shown a close relationship to each other, resembling and complementing each other.

In the early 1990s he began to develop  bronze tablet relief’s, which are intended  to be viewed  as free standing works.  Acid-based patinas are applied to accent various levels of depth to the surfaces. This uniquely intuitive form of expression continues today– as it has for more than four decades– evolving in new directions unimitatively.

Available in the Rubin Peacock Studio

Bronze Relief I


Bronze Relief II

 Mattaponai Red Bank 

Pamunkey Clay Bank

Paradise Lake