Rubin Peacock



























Aylett Art Foundry
Richmond, VA
2018, commissioned






Museum Quality Bronze Sculpture

Produced through the Lost Wax Casting Process

Featured in museum, corporate and private collections, Rubin Peacock’s bronze sculptures are unique creations cast in his own foundry and hand-finished by him.


These works emerge from a timeless appreciation of form, unity, tension, and mysticism. They stand solidly, unshakable in their concentration of energy and purity of craftsmanship.


Emerging from centuries of sculptural tradition in bronze, they are totems very much of today. They pry into the idioms of our time, yet retain the influence and sincerity of their European past. These sculptures merge the architectonic rigidity of geometrical shapes with an organic strength and flowing force of nature.

Other materials are easier to work with, less costly, technically less demanding. But bronze is strong, bold yet responsive. It shows the human touch. It doesn’t lie. Theres no room for cheating. It has purity. I am willing to go through the agony to get the perfect cast.Why bronze, Rubin?